Interior Design

Conceptualising spaces with and for clients. Projects vary from new builds to renovations. We offer a project management service as well as 3-d renderings and technical drawings depending on client requirements and the team we are working with.

Interior Consulting

‘A house is a machine for living in’ – Le Corbusier. 

A home should meet your physical needs but should also enhance the quality of your everyday life. Our goal is to shape the interior to meet the changing needs of its owners. Consulting work is often working as a translator between the home and the home owner. Tailoring the space and keeping an eye on the possible future changes. 


Re-working spaces on the surface using (mostly) existing elements to create visual impact. Drama, harmony, intrigue and tranquilty can often be created using the same elements, but arranging them differently. This approach works well to create interest with seasonal change. Or if your life needs a change of pace.